Projects of AID - American Islamic Diversity

Feeding people on monthly basis

Feeding People on Monthly Basis

We deliver dried and fresh food to the families who don't have cars and/or foodstamp

English as Second Language (ESL) classes

English as Second Language (ESL) classes

Teaching English language for the newcomer refugees and immigrants. After 6 weeks, they can get by and make full conversation.

Sister Nabeelah receiving her gift appliances to start up her business

Getting Appliances to Start up a Business

Sister Nabeelah is one of the newcomer immigrants, who has been supporting her family since August 2020. Her husband is disables and her son is a student in the university. She makes mediterranean food and sell it at the door of the mosques on Friday. AID has sponsored her small project and gifted her new appliances such as Blender, Dough Maker, Microwave, Electrical Griddle, etc. to continue her business. Thank you for all the donors who helped to make her dream come true.

You may contact Sister Nabeelah at +1 (214) 434-3843 to order meals or catering for big gatherings and special events.

Brother Abdullah Qasim giving lecture about Islam to Non-Muslim at Richland College

Training on How to Present Islam to Non-Muslims

We offer training sessions to students in High School or Colleges on how to present Islam to Non-Muslims. We also give seminars and workshop on sensitivity training in the work places.

Sister Azeezah an Afghan Refugee cooking Iftars for the refugees

Serving Iftar Meals for all the needy and refugees in Ramadan

We have served over 2,500 hot meals for refugees and needy in Ramadan.