Projects of AID - American Islamic Diversity

Mrs. Meechie Jefferies gives a Financial Literacy Class to our Newcomer Immigrants

Vocational Training

Vocational training to the head of the household to get better jobs: which is the most important step. Gaining a skill and getting a career that can make the salary higher which can be sufficient to cover all the expenses. That will give the parents the opportunity to spend quality time with their children. The challenge comes with the vocational training is that most people don’t know when and where the courses are conducted, in addition to the difficulty in transporting from their resident areas to the vocational training area. American Islamic Diversity will offer the proper resources by sponsoring some of the families by paying their rent and expenses while the head of the household goes to get the training for a few weeks or months, then getting a job where he/she can sustain his/her family. Also, please note that American Islamic Diversity has partnered with Texas Work Force.

Feeding people on monthly basis

Feeding People on Monthly Basis

Food bank: Every first Saturday of each month we distribute and deliver fresh and dried groceries to over 210 families across DFW Metroplex. We partner with North Texas Food Bank.

English as Second Language (ESL) classes

English as Second Language (ESL) classes

E.S.L. classes: Another challenge that can surround getting a proper vocational training to the head of the household is the language barrier. American Islamic Diversity hired professional instructors in order to better their English language and being able to take the courses needed.

Sister Nabeelah receiving her gift appliances to start up her business

Getting Appliances to Start up a Business

Finding Jobs & Help Starting up small project/business: We sponser some of the needy families and single mothers to start up business/project by buying them some of the equipment, electronics and appliances that are needed, such as cooking appliances, sewing machines, laptops, and much more.

Brother Abdullah Qasim giving lecture about Islam to Non-Muslim at Richland College

Training on How to Present Islam to Non-Muslims

We offer training sessions to students in High School or Colleges on how to present Islam to Non-Muslims. We also give seminars and workshop on sensitivity training in the work places.

Sister Azeezah an Afghan Refugee cooking Iftars for the refugees

Serving Iftar Meals for all the needy and refugees in Ramadan

We have served over 2,500 hot meals for refugees and needy in Ramadan 2022.

Hot meals: for the needy and refugee families: We know over 286 refugee families spread in hotels and apartments across the DFW area. We have been serving them on daily basis in the season of the Holy Month of Ramadan.