Welcome to American Islamic Diversity (AID)

We would like to have you as a part of our team. If you are interested in volunteering and serve the ones who are in need to build the society, then please choose to fill out any of these forms:

  • This General Form help us to get to know you better and let you choose which program you would like to volunteer or participate in.
  • If you would like to Pack and/or deliver food every first Saturday of each month, then please fill out this Food Volunteering Form
  • Every last week of Ramadan, AID distributes gifts and toys to children from ages 1 year old to 13 years old. If you are interested in wrapping and/or delivering the gifts then please fill out this Gift Wrapping/Delivery Form
  • Every year AID offers iftars/hot meals to the Muslim families who are in need. We want them to feel that they are a part of our community and that we care about them. We want them to celebrate Ramadan among other Muslims around the world and feel the unity of the ummah. If you would like to participate in cooking and/or delivering the food, then please fill out this Iftar Cooking/Delivery Form
  • Every year Muslims celebrate Eidul Ad'ha where they slaughter a cattle such as cow, sheep and/or goat. They are required to give one third to the needy and poor. We would like you to be a part of giving by distributing the meat and let them celebrate the Eid with the rest of the community. Please fill out Ad'ha Meat Distribution Form